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How to Unintentionally Become an Oktoberfest Legend

I met the indomitable Nicole of Nicole is the New Black a couple weeks ago in Berlin. The girl’s got humor, moxie, and a phat-ass crib in what used to be West Berlin. As Oktoberfest draws near, Nicole decided to … Continue reading

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Accessible Africa

Last week, fellow fly brother Greg Gross of I’m Black and I Travel posted about African-Americans, Africa, and why we should be traveling more frequently to the Motherland (read his entire posts here and here). Acknowledging cost, distance, and lack … Continue reading

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Making Friends through CouchSurfing

If you’ve already been on the traveling circuit for a while, you know what CouchSurfing is, but there is still a surprising number of people who don’t! Essentially, CouchSurfing is an online network of amicable hosts and humble travelers who … Continue reading

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Doing the Math

If you hate math, traveling overseas might be somewhat of a headache. You knew the balmy reputation of Jamaica before you booked the ticket, yet you packed a couple of sweaters, just in case, when you read the average temperature … Continue reading

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Sniffing Out the Best Flight Deals

This post is brought to you by Chelle Roberts of BrownGirlsFly and myHabanero.com. 1) The Early Bird Doesn’t Always Get The Juiciest Worm Most airlines allow you to buy tickets 6 months to a year in advance. But, that far … Continue reading

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How to Reduce Four-Plus Years Into a Box, a Suitcase, and a Carry-On in 12 Easy Steps

Photo by charlieontheradio You’ve got 26 days left in Colombia; here’s what you do: Rip all bootleg, copied, burned, and otherwise unoriginal CDs to your computer. No need to carry home all that plastic (and the joy of this is … Continue reading

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How to Get to Carnival

So you want to get in on the Carnival action but don’t know where to start? Find out when. First, you need to get the dates cornered before embarking on any pre-Lenten debauchery. True Carnivals – be they in Brazil, … Continue reading

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