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Your Virtual Escape Hatch

Sometimes, no matter how badly you wish you were doing it right now, you just don’t have the conditions necessary to take flight. The work hours are long, the money just isn’t right, you have to take care of your … Continue reading

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Flight Memory + The Swiss Airshow + Quality Hunters

It’s time for a bit of airline geekery! I keep track of all my flights via the Flight Memory database system. I enter the details of my trip, including times, aircraft type, and seat number, then watch as the system … Continue reading

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The Flyest Airline I’ve Never Flown

Britain’s Virgin Atlantic Airways has always led the pack when it comes to stylish, effective advertising that infuse modern air travel with remixed glamor and wit: When I say effective, I mean the ads and promotional products make me want … Continue reading

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Five Fly Film Spies

Movie spies have always led the glamorous life of cool jazz, shaken martinis, flame-throwing shoehorns, easy sex, and jet-lag-less travel.  With the perfect femme fatale to match each perfectly-tailored blazer, these characters fit the classic definition of “fly” as an … Continue reading

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Resurrecting the Jetrosexual

Five years ago, Virgin Atlantic Airways came up with an inspired and inspiring marketing campaign as a way to put the glamour and excitement back into air travel—to spawn a new Jet Age, populated by a group of “high fliers” … Continue reading

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Fly Brother’s Fly-By-Night Dime-Store Travel Philosophy

Photo by barb 11 Lately, I’ve been reading through traveler extraordinaire Chris Guillebeau’s The Art of Nonconformity, an inspiring multipurpose blog encouraging people to live, work, and travel outside the box. With posts like “Why You Should Quit Your Job … Continue reading

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Get Fly

A few years ago, edgy London-based airline Virgin Atlantic came up with a kitschy but cool marketing campaign aimed at Jetrosexuals, the breed of international traveler who “leaves terra firma behind each day to move business and culture forward.” Though … Continue reading

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