Articles and Interviews

Assistant Editor at Time Out São Paulo
Contributor for American Airlines’ Black Atlas
Contributor for Total São Paulo Travel Guide
Former “Bogotá Translated” columnist for GO – Guía del Ocio
“Don’t Sleep on São Paulo” at Gap Year Escape
“Ecuador: Finding Middle Ground” in the Orlando Sentinel
“Going Native” on Nerd’s Eye View
“Keeping Warm in Colombia” on Ever the Nomad
“Kiddie Envy in Venezuela” on
“8 Things White People Will Never Know About Travel” on the Matador Network
“Photo Essay: Taking Two Small Bags Around the World” on the Matador Network
“Avianca Trip Report” on Airways Magazine Online

“A Fly Brother Talks Travel” on The Root
“Chatting with the Fly Brother” on Andy Hayes’ Sharing Travel Experiences
“Inside the Traveler’s Mind: Ernest White II of Fly Brother” on Travellious
Interview on
“Traveler Spotlight” on Jay Travels
“Traveling While Black” on I’m Black and I Travel


1 Response to Articles and Interviews

  1. Melissa Q says:

    Hi, I wanted to contact you, but I can’t find an email anywhere.

    ” I was also denied a job at a language institute because, as it got back to me later from a friendly co-worker, the person in charge loved my résumé but didn’t like my picture. My phenotype also makes a difference in how I’m treated here, as when I don’t speak, I blend in with the general population.”

    I wanted to ask about the job discrimination you received. For most of the Columbian teaching jobs, were you recommended by a friend, co-worker, or another person who you had connections? I heard that is very difficult to secure a job in Latin America without some sort of connections or inside recommendation, is this true?

    Also, what about female working expats who have a phenotype similar to Naomi Campbell or Gabrielle Union? Would it be harder to secure a teaching job in these countries if I don’t have a lighter skin like Beyonce?

    I understand in the DR and maybe some other countries, it may be possible to bypass this if I dress on-point and have my hair straightened and styled, but is that true for the other countries you visited. Do educated working blacks look more ‘done up’?

    I was just curious, because I’m interested in working abroad as well.

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