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Done-In in Dublin

My three days in Dublin came and went very quickly, mostly due to a rambunctious weekend in New York and mild jet-lag that turned severe in my case (breakfast at 3pm, anyone?). By the time I got out the door … Continue reading

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"I’m Not Afraid of the Future"

When people hear about my round-the-world trip, they immediately envision the project in its enormous scope. They count the cities, the continents. They wonder aloud at the spectrum of cultures to absorb, people to meet, experiences to be had. Their … Continue reading

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From the AV Room: Philly Prodigy

While I catch up from a hellified week of handling personal business before the trip and the move, I thought I’d share this inspiring clip of a 13-year-old violin virtuoso that I encountered last week earning a lot of change … Continue reading

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"Sharing Experiences" Gets Fly Brother to Share

Last week, Edinburgh-based writer Andy Hayes featured me on his travel website, Sharing Experiences. This is my first international interview and I was honored to have been profiled. Here’s an excerpt: To explain the name Fly Brother, I need to … Continue reading

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Packing a Lot of Crap into Two Small Bags: A Photographic Journey

Dateline: Jacksonville, my 15-year-old brother’s room (which I have commandeered for the two months I’ve been home). With the help of Fly Mother and some Zip-Lock bags, I’m all packed for three months on the road. Observe: That would be: … Continue reading

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A Brief Assertion: There Is No Other Country On Earth With As Many Amazing Cities As The USA

I’ve never been known as a flag-waving, red-white-and-blue-bleeding patriot (often, quite the opposite), but there is one thing I am constantly in awe of and can never begrudge the United States: the greatness of its largest cities. Over the past … Continue reading

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Chi-Town Surprise

Click here to see pics from my unplanned, surprise weekend in Chicago — architectural gem and friendly metropolis!

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