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Win a trip to NYC via American Airlines and

Directly from the good folks over at (which has published some of my work) and American Airlines:, the premier travel website for African Americans, has a unique event in which we want you to participate. BlackAtlas will hold … Continue reading

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Fly Brother Survey: Price vs. Comfort

I consider myself to be an ordinarily savvy traveler, especially when it comes to airfare bargain-hunting. But I’m finding myself in a quandary involving what is probably the most expensive plane ticket I’ve purchased to date: São Paulo to Samoa. … Continue reading

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Fly Brother Podcast – Season 2, Episode 6: Fly Guide to Berlin

In this episode of the Fly Brother Podcast: Fly Guide to Berlin Playlist: “Music Monks” – Seeed “Like Minded Sista” – Paul & Price (Background) Links mentioned in this podcast: Fly Brother – Berlin Welcome Card – Museum … Continue reading

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The Flyest Airline I’ve Never Flown

Britain’s Virgin Atlantic Airways has always led the pack when it comes to stylish, effective advertising that infuse modern air travel with remixed glamor and wit: When I say effective, I mean the ads and promotional products make me want … Continue reading

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Warsaw Packed

In October, the air in Warsaw is cold.  Broad concrete sidewalks and large, drab Soviet-era constructions refract that chill, always present in spite of waning autumn sunshine.  But there is color that warms the streets in bursts: the golden, meaty … Continue reading

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Fly Brother Podcast – Season 2, Episode 5: Taking Time Out

In this episode of the Fly Brother Podcast: Taking Time Out -or- Guess What Job I Just Landed 🙂 Playlist: “Samba do Gringo Paulista (Bigga Bush Reconstruction)” – Suba and Bigga Bush “Um Dia Comum (Em SP)” – Suba (Background) … Continue reading

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The G Word

“Gringo.”  I can’t stand that damn word.   And it’s all over Latin America, from restaurants with names like Gringo’s Pizza to movies with titles like “Gringo Wedding.”  The meaning of the word varies from country to country, but I’ve … Continue reading

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