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Fly Favorites: May 2010

This phat-ass image by ESCOBAS. See who’s artistically reppin’ your hood at Cit/ID. A Brother in Sweden profiles the Noo Awlins Indians (thas hah we say it in Flawda). Der Spiegel highlights “May Day Riot Tourism in Berlin” while the … Continue reading

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From the AV Room: Brazil in Black and White

A Brazilian airline’s image of Brazilians: A Korean airline’s image of Brazilians: Just sayin’. Fly Brother welcomes your views. If this post hit the spot, please comment and/or click.

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An Afternoon in Brasília -or- Why I’m Gettin’ A Car With My Next Paycheck

Like Florida and California and any other sun-shiney place that boomed in the 50s and 60s, Brasília’s spread way, way out. So an afternoon of running errands without your own private vehicle just might look like this: 12:00pm – You … Continue reading

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Global Juke Joint: Mama Used to Say

Afro-Belgian musical group Zap Mama has effused pan-African rhythm and flow for the last 20 years, badooing and doowapping on politics and partying in English, French, and Bantu. Started by the striking Congolese-born, Belgian-bred Marie Daulne, and using their voices … Continue reading

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5 is Never Enough

Many Americans might think the question of how many continents exist on Earth should be settled (of course, the demotion of Pluto as a planet a few years back ought to remind everybody that even “established” facts can change). But … Continue reading

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Fly Brother Podcast – Season 1, Episode 9: Multilingual Swagger

In this episode of the Fly Brother Podcast: The Fun and Frustration of Learning Other Languages Playlist: 1. “A Ring” – Towa Tei 2. “Plekete” – Zap Mama 3. “Chica Chica Boom Chic” – Bebel Gilberto & Carlinhos Brown Links … Continue reading

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Fly Brother Interview on Jay Travels

Atlanta-based fly blogger and brother Jay interviewed me a few weeks ago for his international travel site, Jay Travels. The resulting madness went live this Tuesday, featuring my musings on Greenland, Mickey Ds, and prostitutes. Here’s an excerpt: Have you … Continue reading

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