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From the AV Room: Flying Korean

Today, I’m taking my last transoceanic flight of the RTW, leaving Kuala Lumpur at midnight and arriving in Los Angeles at 10am, via eight hours in Seoul. Total travel time: 25 hours. Because of a hook-up, I’m in business class. … Continue reading

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We interrupt Fly Brother’s Round-the-World Adventures for this important existential rumination: Back in March, while finishing up my fourth year of living and working in Colombia, I was struck by a post-quarter-life crisis of modest proportions, elucidated not quite succinctly … Continue reading

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Puttin’ On the Ricks

In India, there’s often just too much traffic for an American-style SUV to go barrelling through the streets of Mumbai or Delhi. So, they’ve motorized an Asian transport icon, the rickshaw: originally a two-wheeled wagon pulled by a runner to … Continue reading

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Mumbai’s da Bom, bay-bay!

Steamy and sensual, a masala of disparate peoples, faiths, and tongues facing the Arabian Sea, Mumbai (still called Bombay by many of its residents) sprawls in languid grandeur like a vine-covered statue of Lakshmi in repose. At once chaotic and … Continue reading

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From the AV Room: "Chicken and Waffles Fit For a King"

Cross-cultural hilarity from the Bollywood film Singh is King (featuring outtakes with director “Ala-Wishous Simmons“:

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Golden Cairo

Cairo, in a word: golden. In many words: dusty, chaotic, crowded, teeming, wondrous, exhilarating, wild, urbane, sophisticated, whimsical, modern, historic, pious, hedonistic, tumultuous, sprawling, polluted, noisy, friendly, witty, serious, civilized, golden. The seat of one of earth’s oldest civilizations has … Continue reading

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An Olympic Task for Rio

I am stoked that Rio de Janeiro was named host city for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games by the IOC last week. Being the first time the games will be hosted in South America, the second in Latin America, and … Continue reading

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