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Get Fly

A few years ago, edgy London-based airline Virgin Atlantic came up with a kitschy but cool marketing campaign aimed at Jetrosexuals, the breed of international traveler who “leaves terra firma behind each day to move business and culture forward.” Though … Continue reading

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11 Commandments of a Jetrosexual

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¡Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!

Other than Christmas, Easter, and New Years’ Day, Colombia and the United States do not share holidays. So for the last three years, I’ve spent the very American celebration of Thanksgiving Day with other expats eating turkey imported from Peru … Continue reading

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Habana Mía

Three times, legally, I’ve crossed the Straits of Florida to that elegant, aging lady lounging ninety miles to the south, Havana. Once the crown jewel of Spanish America, Havana was the primary point of entry for settlers and slaves and … Continue reading

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"Points of Departure": A Little Inspiration

Just as there are destinations you “must visit before you die,” there are also must-do travel experiences. High on the list: traveling luggage-free. “Will you be checking bags or just carrying on?” The next time you respond to that question … Continue reading

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Doing the Math

Itau 19:06 Originally uploaded by anselmoportes If you hate math, traveling overseas might be somewhat of a headache. You knew the balmy reputation of Jamaica before you booked the ticket, yet you packed a couple of sweaters, just in case, … Continue reading

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Extended Routes

In an update to my post about Delta Air Lines’ new expanded service in Africa last month, just three days ago, the airline announced weekly and biweekly routes starting next June from Atlanta to Abuja, Nigeria; Luanda, Angola; and Malabo, … Continue reading

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