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From the AV Room: Trekking to the Pyramids

Since Flickr is blocked here in the United Arab Emirates (among other sites such as X-Tube), I’ve decided to post another of my “road movies.” This time, watch as I approach the Pyramids at Giza, literally right across the street … Continue reading

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The Truth About Alex

With a romantically crumbling 19th-century air, the famous Egyptian port city of Alexandria (dubbed Alex by locals and Cairenes) basks in the Mediterranean sun along a narrow strip of land between the sea and the marshy Nile Delta. The wondrous … Continue reading

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A City By Any Other Name

The name of Istanbul comes from the Greek for “in or to the city.” Throughout most of its history, Turkey’s largest city and the former capital of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires has been The One and Only City … Continue reading

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The Case for Berlin

Before moving to a new place, you have to establish your priorities; what exactly do you want from the city you’ll be calling home? Beyond the adrenaline rush of changing trains at peak hour or grabbing a cab with friends … Continue reading

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Colombia Mía: Amor y Amistad

Tomorrow in Colombia is Love and Friendship Day, a homegrown version of Valentine’s Day that includes platonic friends just as much as romantic. It’s strange that I’ve been thinking a lot about Colombia lately, just as this holiday approaches. During … Continue reading

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"Ich bin ein Berliner"

Berlin, baby, I wasn’t ready. I was told by one of the many expat Americans I met living in the German capital that “if New York were a mound of dough, Berlin would be that same dough, only rolled out … Continue reading

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Hip-Hop in the ‘Holm

Who would expect hundreds of yellow-haired Vikings to be bouncing energetically to “Bonita Applebum” and not missing a word of Aretha’s “Think” on a random late-summer’s eve? Sure as hell wasn’t me; seeing a rack of blonde “single ladies” bouncing … Continue reading

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