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Global Juke Joint: Music to Fly By

As I’m flying tonight from São Paulo to New York, en route to Berlin, I thought I’d re-post a little bit of travlin’ music I culled together last year as a part of the first season of the Fly Brother … Continue reading

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Get in a Travlin’ Mood

A true Fly Brother or Sister is restless. He or she cannot stay put in one place for very long, lest neurosis set in. But many aspirants are not yet in the habit of stepping out the front door for … Continue reading

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Growth of a Megacity

São Paulo presents ample opportunities to sate every human desire, from food to finance to fornication, and I love her for that. The videos below offer up images of the world’s biggest underrated city, from its adolescent growth spurt to … Continue reading

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My New Favorite City Guides

Slim and sexy, LUXE City Guides offer compact, useful, humorous insight into the glossy urban sheen that makes world cities shine. Design hotels, avant-garde shopping, and destination restaurants on the right side of cool get described in tight and sassy … Continue reading

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Doing the Math

If you hate math, traveling overseas might be somewhat of a headache. You knew the balmy reputation of Jamaica before you booked the ticket, yet you packed a couple of sweaters, just in case, when you read the average temperature … Continue reading

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A (Not Quite) Three-Hour Tour

A few weeks ago, I took a tour of downtown São Paulo and the bohemian ‘hood of Vila Madalena (aka Madville – just coined by yours truly) with one Flavia Liz Di Paolo, professional travel guide. Flavia Liz, full of … Continue reading

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My Magnificent 7

Lola of Geotraveler’s Niche and Austin+Kelly of Travellious tagged me last week, inquiring about my seven most meaningful posts. I quickly trolled through the archives and dug up a few missives that I think come closest to expressing the purpose … Continue reading

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